Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What if Steve was White?

I really enjoyed this movie regardless of its extreme portrayal of Asian American youth in LA. It is really a movie for the young generation, I think any Asian American youth could identify with some aspects of these characters, either you were similar to one or you went to school with one. But I like it because it addresses the frustrations that many Asian Americans go through in school from being stereotyped or feeling academic pressure from your family and peers.

The movie does a pretty good job of developing the different characters showing many different representations of the Asian male, (not the female) but its refreshing to see more in depth character development breaking out of the common stereotypes. There isn't really another movie like this portraying people of this age group and generation. And maybe some of the characters are exaggerated, but its only for the sake of the movie.

Although in some ways the movie does play it safe because all the characters are Asian, and other than some mild tension, there is not much interracial interaction. I think there could have been some very provocative outcomes from having more involvement of other races. I think Steve's character should have been white, it would have been much more provocative. An Asian girl dating a white guy, who emasculates Ben, and Ben turns around and smashes his head in.... now that would have been interesting!

I think this is definitely an Asian American film that hits home for many people.

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Anonymous said...

I think you bring up a good point regarding the lack of interracial relationships within Better Luck Tomorrow. I was somewhat surpised at the lack of diversity amongst the students in the high school. Everyone seemed to be either white or asian until we saw the basketball team. I felt like the film critiques racial stereotypes of Asian Americans well, but at the same time it also seemed like it relied on racial stereotypes of other minorites, (i.e. the basketball team consisting of a lot of black students or the latino gangsters that drive up the boys after they leave the party). Since this film takes on issues of race and attempts to complicate asian stereotypes, it would have been nice to see more racial diversity.