Monday, April 21, 2008

Notorious MSG

... I think that photo pretty much sums up what Notorious MSG is. If it doesn't, try Wikipedia's description: "Notorious MSG is a performing trio of Chinese gangsta rappers founded in Chinatown, New York City who sing about their rise to fame and fortune, survival on the streets. Their songs feature boasting innuendos regarding women and Chinese food."

They have such hits as Straight out of Canton and, my personal favorite, Dim Sum Girl (there's no video of this, but you can hear it on their official website).

Okay, I hate to kill a good parody with analysis, but here are some thoughts on my mind: They really purposely kick up the Asian stereotypes to the max, so it really makes you wonder WHAT people are finding so amusing about them. They've made up these elaborate FOB Asian chef identities, when they're probably REALLY well-educated, middle-class Asian-Americans... so what exactly are they trying to do here? And is it anything like me trying to fake a good "FOB accent"?

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