Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dan the Automator--Superproducer

Dan the Automator, born Daniel Nakamura in San Francisco, CA, is known internationally as one of the most creative and groundbreaking producers of Hip-Hop music. He first achieved critical and commercial success in 1996 with the esoteric Dr. Octagon album, and followed suit with a slew of landmark recordings and remixes that established him as not only a producer to be reckoned with, but as a remixer and songwriter as well. His collaborations with hip-hop legends Prince Paul (Handsome Boy Modeling School) and Del tha Funkee Homosapien (Deltron 3030) resulted in success on a larger scale, and he went platinum as the producer of the debut Gorillaz album in 2001.

Trained in classical violin as a child, he became more interested in Electronica and Hip-Hop. He started to DJ and produce, taking on small gigs and projects until he made his break teaming up with Kool Keith producing the Dr. Octagon album. Nakamura's work tends to integrate significant amounts of overlooked 1970s and 80s cult classics and B-grade 90s television material. His work also tends to make heavy use of classical music and science fiction overtones and references.
Hip-hop is a genre that has proved itself far more flexible and groundbreaking than anyone might have predicted at its genesis: from its massive worldwide popularity to its seemingly endless "next levels", as it were, hip-hop music continues to be full of surprises, thanks largely in part to record producers like Dan The Automator. While paying homage to his heroes and influences, Dan has crafted a career as unique as his records, always walking the line between music that makes a serious statement and music that delivers undeniable hooks and knows when not to take itself too seriously. [}

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