Monday, April 14, 2008

Mississipi Masala

I like this movie because it portrays Asian American characters that have never been seen before. Meena and her family are part of a story that is lost in the wide array of Asian American history. It combines the immigrant experience, as well as racial, and generational differences.

A large theme throughout the movie is the idea of home. Their family has been forced to relocate their home serveral times and have struggled to fit in where ever they are. Pushed out of Uganda, into England, then Mississippi. His father really struggles to let go of the place he was born, trying to gain compensation for his losses by suing the country. Meena is trying to find a place for herself Mississippi. She shows some rejection of her culture as she looks bored and out of place at the Indian weddings and events. She really identifies with the African American community in Mississippi.

Demetrius is her in into the African American community and she finally shows a feeling of belonging and acceptance. But as this is happening she seems to be drifting from her own family and its values. This begs the question, is it always necessary to reject some part of your culture and family to feel comfortable in American and feel like you belong?

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