Monday, April 7, 2008

Response: Mississippi Masala

I really enjoyed watching Mississippi Masala this past weekend. I think it added something to the discussion of growing up Asian American portrayed in Better Luck Tomorrow and Monkey Dance. Whereas these two movies focused mainly on the relationships between and among young Asian Americans, Mississippi Masala shifted the emphasis to the relationships between and among the different racial groups, and thus was able to pick up on issues that had largely been left untreated. I found its depiction of the racial tensions among minority groups intriguing, as it is a topic I know very little about, and not one that receives much media attention. I also felt that this week's readings were very effective at placing the phenomena depicted within a historical context. Finally, being a member of an interracial relationship, I always find it gratifying to see them represented in the media. As such, I admit that I may be biased in my enjoyment of this film, but I thought it did a good thing by taking on an under-discussed topic and that it did so rather effectively.

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