Thursday, April 17, 2008

Asian American Music: Asobi Seksu

I first heard Asobi Seksu's album a year or two ago, and really liked the sound. Their music sounds sort of like a collage, with transparent layers and textures and sunny colors. However, I didn't really know much about the artist until recently, when a Wikipedia search turned up some interesting information.

"Asobi Seksu", which I've learned means "playful sex" in Japanese, is a NYC-based rock band. They've got a really innovative sound, and as an occasional fan of foreign language music, I think Asobi Seksu has a great fusion style. The band consists of Yuki Chikudate (vocals, keyboards), James Hanna (guitar, vocals)... thank you WIkipedia.

Their album Citrus is the one I listen to when it's sunny outside, and I'm cheerful. Which, in Providence, happens only occasionally (the sunny part, not the cheerful). This is one of my favorite songs of the album -- cute video, too:

Here's another, set in NYC:


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