Monday, April 21, 2008

se7en in the U.S.

Widely successful throughout Asia, Korean pop/R&B singer Se7en is one of a few South Korean artists who have made plans to release a debut album in the United States. Our assignment was to find an Asian American pop artist, and though Se7en may not technically qualify, I think his potential influence on the popular view of Asians and Asian Americans in pop music is worth thinking about.

Se7en is praised for his image and his exceptional singing and dancing. Is it enough to impress mainstream America? It's hard to say. American producers are still hesitant to cultivate Asian talent so if there are any out there with enough talent, they hardly get any exposure. Japanese singer Hiraku Utada was not widely received with her 2004 debut U.S. album, and Korean singer Bi(Rain) was similarly received when he performed at Madison Square Garden in February.

But given that Se7en is working with supposedly big name American producers, I am interested to see how he will be accepted. I was unable to find any information about his new album or a debut schedule, but it might be interesting to look at some of his Korean songs and think about what kinds of things Americans would or would not find appealing:


se7en and justin timberlake


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Laura said...

Not sure when he will official debut, he is holding preview parties in the U.S. and in Canada.

(Click on the article titles to read the whole entries)

Also, his style has changed to fit the American trend.