Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Death Angel

I don't know how many of you are fans of metal, but back in the day (in the glorious 80s), there emerged a Filipino-American thrash metal band in the Bay Area scene. They were well known for being a family operation of sorts--the original members Rob Cavestany (lead guitar), Dennis Pepa (Bass guitar, vox) and Gus Pepa (Rhythm Guitar), and Andy Galeon are all cousins. Mark Osegueda, who became their vocalist in 1984, was also a cousin. They were also known being something of a prodigy band. These guys not yet out of their teens when they released their first studio album, The Ultra-Violence in 1987. This was quickly followed by Frolic Through the Park (1988) and Act III (1990), the latter being considered by many to be the most representative of their sound, which was a base of classic thrash infused with elements of funk. I've always liked them, though my favorite band from the Bay Area has to be Testament.

Sadly, their promising career hit a roadblock in 1990 following an accident in which Andy Galeon was critically injured, and the resulting fallout caused the breakup of the band. Some remaining members reorganized as "The Organization," though it was clear that they were no longer as successful as they once ad been. In 2001, however, for a cancer benefit show for Testament frontman Chuck Billy, they reunited. Since then, they've had 2 studio albums, and The Art of Dying (2004) and The Killing Season (2008). They've also recently completed their first tour in the Philippines, in the spring of 2007.

"Seemingly Endless Time" from Act III

"A Room with a View" from Act III

"Thicker than Blood" from The Art of Dying

Rob Cavestany talks about the band's first tour in the Philippines

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