Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mixed Race Asian America....

something that I've definitely noticed in a number of blogs and what I belive someone pointed out in class today was that many of the artists that were brought up are bi/or-multiracial. From artist like Norah Jones to r&b star Amerie to Linkin Park's front man, Mike Shinoda, where do mixed race individuals fit in within Asian America? (within the categories of race more broadly?)

As a mixed-race identified filipina/black American, I often wonder this myself. I strongly identified with Amerie's interview and issues she raised being korean/black. I think race in America, especially within Asian American communities, are looking much more mixed than ever. This isn't to say race in America will one day be non-existant or that colorblindness is ok (not true and it's not), it's just that I've often heard from individuals that mixed race folks will one day be the "solution" to racial problems in the U.S. I find this extremely troubling that people who think that the day everyone is mixed, racial hierarchies will disappear.

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