Thursday, March 20, 2008

Worldwide View of Authenticity

I found the Chinese restaurant videos throughly interesting because it is so easy to assume the American experiences of Asians outside Asian countries is the norm. What these videos showed to me was how concepts like authenticity can change and vary so much from country to country. The statement in class saying how authenticity is subjective because no matter what it is, there is someone around to believe that it is authentic.

I think so many viewpoints on Chinese restaurants depend on the makeup of the community that they are in. A restaurant could be as "authentic" as ever, but if its in a completely non-asian community, there is no one to say that its authentic or not. A foreigner could walk into the restaurant and not see on Asian face and assume that there is not going to be authentic food.

Another question that was brought to my mind; Is there such thing as Authentic Asian-American food? Or when American food is thought of do people just think of burgers or diner type food. What about the so called Tex-mex cuisine, is this not another way to say Mexican-American food? Wouldn't someone be able to remark that a certain dish is authentically Tex-mex? Or does authenticity always trace back to the original "ethnicity" of food that this cuisine is derived from. I think it is fairly subjective and one could argue either way. Could the chowmein sandwich ever be considered authentic....teryaki, chopsuey...

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