Sunday, March 30, 2008

A couple things about BLT

There are so many things that can be said about Better Luck Tomorrow, but two things particularly interested me in this film. In response to the conversation about the lack of parents in the movie, I personally thought that this was significant in showing that the characters put pressures on themselves to succeed. Many times, Asian Americans are thought to be overachievers and ambitious because their parents force them to be. Although this may be the case, I believe many Asian American students actually put the pressure on themselves to do well academically because they feel that is the only arena in which they can succeed. In the movie, Ben practices so hard on basketball, but is just a benchwarmer on the team. I thought the film was showing the no matter how hard he worked on other things such as sports, he wouldn’t be able to succeed because he’s Asian American and all that entails. Also, the student journalist writing about how he was the token Asian on the team but never mentions how he’s out of place in other academic activities represented how many may believe that Asian American do not fit in in any other arenas besides academics. Society might be pressuring Asian Americans to feel that they must succeed academically because that is where they are accepted.

I also found the character Stephanie really interesting because she was an adopted Asian American with Caucasian parents. I wondered why the writer decided to make her adopted. She was a cheerleader, so does that mean an Asian could only be cool and fit in if she wasn’t from an Asian background? Or was her desirability heightened because she looked Asian but wasn’t really Asian? She seemed to struggle with her image as a cheerleader(and maybe pornstar?) and being a hardworking student equal to Ben. It seemed maybe this contradiction came from her struggle in her identity as an Asian raised in a Caucasian home.

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Patrick Strotman said...

I do not understand what you mean by "she looked Asian but wasn’t really Asian"...