Monday, March 3, 2008

"Man you come right outta some comic book!"

There is no question in my mind, that Bruce Lee is a bad ass, and no one can take that away from him. He will forever and always be a bad ass. Although the way Enter the Dragon portrays him as a bad ass, it's almost superhuman. He is so honorable and no one can even touch him, he is a superhero in many ways, but is still de-sexualized, compared to the other male figures in this movie. I don't feel like he can represent the Asian male realistically because his skills are so superior that few men can compare. Although men up to his par have existed such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Ja, and others... none of these men are portrayed as sexual beings in their films, but only play these superhuman heroes out to save humanity.

Another interesting aspect of this film is the African American martial artist. Especially the role of Jim Kelly. I like how they show the African American dojo, with everyone practicing to show a different side of Kung Fu, and attract an African-American audience, Prashad remarks how the black audience identifies with this character. He is portrayed as very skilled and honorable, but I was wondering why they chose to kill the character off, I mean that black character is often killed off first, as many people stereotype, but what does this say?

It is also interesting to me, why Bruce Lee is idolized in the black community as well, Prashad comments that the two communities can understand each other's struggle. And Kung Fu is ideal for a poor community because it doesn't require any fancy equipment, just 'Bare Feet and Naked Hands' so anyone can practice it. It also builds confidence and solidarity in poor communities.

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