Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sexualized Asian Body

In the film the Wedding Banquet the Wai-Tung himself represents the sexualized Asian body. A significant theme in this movie is sexuality, because Wai-Tung is homosexual, but this is besides the point. His character is rare because he is an asian male that desires sex. Not only is he shown desiring sex with Simon, but he even initiates and talks about sex, something we have never seen before. He even engages in sex with Wei-Wei, getting her accidentally pregnant, which is an example of his sexual competence with the opposite sex, which he doesn't even desire

Wai-Tung's sexuality can also be linked to his portrayed masculinity; surprisingly he is not really emasculated in any way. He is shown working out in the gym, often with aggression. He is also the money maker in the family, while Simon is more of a housekeeper who cooks and entertains. Simon often caters to Wai-Tung, buying him presents and helping him cope with his stress. He is desired sexually by Wei-Wei, who is also overtly sexual herself, but he is also desired by Simon.

Also a large part of his Wai-Tung's masculinity comes from his relative secrecy about his sexually. Outside of his house he is much more reserved with his homosexuality, probably because he doesn't care for other people to know, since his own parents don't even know. Simon on the other hand is shown spreading information about AIDS, publicly displaying his sexuality. And because of this, Wai-Tung comes off as more maculine.

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