Sunday, February 3, 2008

SalesGenie singlehandedly alienates Asians (in case you missed it)

Please excuse this post's lack of relevance to "Chan is Missing" (forthcoming!) but the Superbowl left a bitter taste in my mouth in more ways than one (I am a Pats fan... sigh).

Anyway, did everyone catch the series of SalesGenie ads featuring some awesome Asian stereotypes? If you haven't, here they are!

And fun fact: the CEO of infoUSA (the parent company of SalesGenie) is Vinod Gupta, who actually came up with the concept for the first ad above.

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chuynh said...

I had not seen the ads but after viewing them. I think the "Indo-Chic" article has some relevance here. It's easy to say that exploitation only comes from the "West" but what does it mean when exploitation comes from within. Hm, interesting...