Friday, February 1, 2008

My America

I feel that when the "Seoul Dad" said, "You have to support violence, in order to achieve justice," he conveyed an idea similar to what Asian Americans have had to follow in recent times. In Asian Americans' struggle to feel comfortable living in America and not like the alien, they've had to accept some exploitation in order to achieve acceptance. It seems that in Renee's parents' generation, and possibly some of our own parents' generation, Asians defined the lines between Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc much more clearly and prided themselves in being separate from the rest of America. Now more recently, as more second, third, and fourth generation Asians are raised in America, Asians have fought for acceptance from the rest of society. In order to to do so, Asians have had to accept blurring the lines between different types of Asians, generalizing everyone into one typical "Asian" American group. Items also originally brought from Asia, have been taken and distorted to fit into American culture. These things didn't sit very well with me while I was watching the video, but at the same time, I'm not really sure that they could've been done differently or if they really could've been avoided.

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