Saturday, February 2, 2008

She Looks Like My MOM?!

This movie grabbed me from the first scene as soon as I saw Renee's face, because something seemed really familiar about it. Then I realized why. She looks a lot like my own mother, who also happened to grow up in Chicago. Of course this is not a huge deal, because many people look alike, I know. But this detail made me realize why this film is significant to me. As Renee travels around the country interviewing Asian Americans she finds people from fairly diverse backgrounds. Some groups of people I never knew existed, which was a strong point of this film. She also tried hard to touch on a lot of the issues facing Asian Americans now and throughout history. In the end, all these historic details and points of view seem to confuse the viewers concept of who Asian Americans really are, but I think that is what Renee may be trying to do. She successfully breaks down the stereotype of the Asian American profile.
Truthfully she was just trying to explain who an American is, but most everyone she talked about just happened to be of Asian descent. What I am really trying to say is that any Asian-American/just plain American, would be able to identify with some part of this film, no matter what ethnicity, generation or background someone comes from. Seeing someone that looked like my mom, and had similar family experiences helped me feel not as alone. Because no matter how diverse America is everyone shares some experiences and these shared experiences help bring us together and form our identities.

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