Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog Guidelines

Welcome to the class blog for AMCV 1611W: Asian Americans and Popular Culture.

Use this blog to post your reactions to the readings and films each week. Your posts don't need to be formal. We're not looking for lengthy essays. But we do want to see that you're engaging the material. What surprised you? What did you find most interesting about a particular reading or film? Why? What questions were you left with after a reading or film or class discussion? Feel free to pose questions here, to comment on each other's entries, to draw connections between the readings, films, lectures, and discussions. Draw connections to material that we're not discussing. Refer to specific examples from the readings and films as appropriate.

This is your opportunity to record your thoughts and commentary about the course and to get a sense of what others are thinking. We'll pick up some of this in class discussion. And some of the musings on this blog may also provide material for our class website project.

Please post by Sunday each week in response to the material for the coming week.
In other words, respond to Chan Is Missing and accompanying readings by Sunday, 2/4. We're a little behind this week, but please post a response to My America, Or Honk If You Love Buddha by this Friday, 2/1.

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