Thursday, January 31, 2008

Being Asian American

The term Asian American has always been ambiguous to me. Growing up in a predominantly white middle-class area, I had no Asian Amercan friends, nonetheless hardly any other Asian Americans within a 50 mile radius. Although to many, Renee Tajima-Pena's film "My American... or Honk If You Love Buddha" brings more confusion about the term Asian American, to me, watching the film left me with a unifying feeling. The people she interviewed were diverse: each from different generations, different areas of the country, and different experiences being Asian American. It seemed the unification of "Asian Americans" could be impossible with such dissimilarities across the United States. However, to me, this film created a community, demonstrating that there were others like me out in the US. Not only did these people look Asian, it seemed all of them had the same urging question of identity. Many felt displaced either in the Asian community, ike Victor, or in the white community, like the Renee. Either way, the film allowed me to see that we all had this commonality, and I was not alone in the world.

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